Keto Spanish Frittata Recipe

One of my good friends is infamous for making the greatest quiche out of anybody we know. Friends will flock to his expertly put together pies at every dinner party and praise him for another job well done. All except for me, of course, since I have had to avoid his delicious pastry to stay on track with the Keto diet.

However, recently he surprised me with a frittata packed full of vegetables. Finally, I got to see what all the fuss was about, and everybody wasn’t making it up, this guy knows how to make an egg pie. I had to get the recipe and share it with you, try this Keto Spanish frittata recipe and you will see what I am talking about.

Making a Frittata Keto Friendly
Quiche is obviously not Keto friendly as it is held in a pie shell packed full of carbs. However, what surprised me was that many frittatas carry there own carb-loaded ingredients. To make it even healthier we needed to get rid of all the dairy too.

Frittatas typically involve a lot of cheese and heavy cream. If you are okay with eating cheese than feel free to add some, as I am sure it makes it even better. The cream we replaced with good old coconut cream. What would we do without coconuts?

The Trick To Knowing A Frittata is Done
What I learned from my friend is that there is no magic number on how long a frittata needs to be cooked. It is dependent upon how many other ingredients are in it, besides eggs, and how well your oven works.

The 15-minute cook time is a guideline. Sometimes a frittata may take up to 20-minutes or it may be done in 12. The trick is to keep a good eye on it and watch for the corners to begin browning. When you think it is done, give it a little shake. If the centre wiggles like the eggs are raw, let it cook further. The eggs should be completely set.

Play Around With The Filling
Frittatas are an amazing meal because you can put just about anything in them. That is what makes my friend’s quiches so popular, he will put anything from pulled pork to smoked salmon in them. Here are a few Keto ingredients that you can try in your frittata:

Ground Beef

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